The West Country is often overlooked when it comes to football. People tend to look to the north west, north east and London when romanticising about the beautiful game. I understand why this is - the vast majority of the most famous clubs are located in these parts of the country, however I see no reason why this should mean the rest of us should be disregarded.

As such I have set up this website to document and publicise what the south west has to offer - particularly the lower leagues which I have a particular affection for. From the heady heights of the Championship to the grit of the county leagues and everything in between - I will demonstrate that there is more to this corner of the country than cider and cheese.

Along the way I hope to meet fellow groundhoppers and lower league enthusiasts, and really expand my knowledge of the region's football setup.

I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve what i'm doing, and if you'd like to contact me or follow what i'm doing then choose one of the following methods: